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Business Opportunities
With Renewcar 

Discover why purchasing Renewcar's business opportunity could be smarter than starting your own headlight restoration business from scratch

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Why Choose Renewcar Over Starting Your Own Business?

When it comes to establishing a foothold in the automotive reconditioning industry, Renewcar presents a compelling case against starting an independent business. As the sole provider of New Zealand's genuine headlight restoration system, developed by our own, Renewcar stands out in a market where competitors like Autoserv Automotive Supplier and Pace cannot match our unique offerings.

Access to Exclusive Technology:
Our proprietary system guarantees an exceptional, anti-fade clear finish for two years — a promise that other products can't make. With alternatives offering only inferior products at exorbitant prices, Renewcar's quality is unrivalled.
Save Time and Avoid Mistakes:


Instead of enduring an arduous trial-and-error process, benefit from our brief, intuitive training sessions. Developed by Renewcar, these sessions are designed to impart a complete understanding of the reconditioning process efficiently.

Regions That Are Currently Available In NZ


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New Plymouth



Napier & Hastings

Palmerston North 


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Support & Growth With Renewcar

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Technical Support

Encounter an issue? Don't fret. Renewcar's support office, boasting 11 years of industry experience, is behind you with solutions, ready to help fix any problem.


Website and SEO Support

As a Renewcar technician, you'll be listed on a website optimized to rank on the first page of Google for "Headlight Restoration" searches in your locality. We've invested heavily in SEO to save you the cost and effort of starting from scratch.


Marketing Support

Dive into our vast library of promotional design collaterals, including brochures, banners, signages, business cards, and more, all proven to work. Our in-house designer is also available for any custom needs.

Future-proof Your Investment

Life is unpredictable, but your investment in Renewcar is built to last. Maintain good sales records for a profitable future sale, as demonstrated by the North Shore Auckland branch, which sold for a substantial profit. And with only an 8% commission on business sales, most of the profit remains with you.


In essence, Renewcar cares for your current success and ensures you're rewarded for your hard work. Our support office acts as an unwavering ally, guiding you to help you reap the benefits of your investment.


Opt for Renewcar and immediately start generating income with a proven product and brand backed by robust support systems sans the time, money, and grief linked to establishing an independent venture.


For more information and to join the Renewcar family, please visit our website or contact us directly. Together, let's drive towards a brighter future in headlight restoration.

*Administrative fees and terms are subject to change. Please consult with Renewcar for the most up-to-date information.

No Franchise Fees, Just Shared Success

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