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 About Renewcar

100% Kiwi owned, since 2014.

In 2014, our first Renewcar workshop opened in Wairau Valley of Auckland, New Zealand.

We quickly grew into a multi-location business with 8 dedicated workshops and 150+ automotive businesses that are using our systems across New Zealand.

As a 100% Kiwi owned business, we are also trusted by 200+ Dealers and compliance centres for our quality work and performance that help their sales.  We have restored approximately 42,500 Headlight lenses as of December 2022.

Foggy and Oxidised headlights are one of the most common vehicle defects found on New Zealand roads that can bring safety risks. We contribute to safer roads by making sure more vehicles have road-fit headlight clarity and visibility.

We will keep striving our best to develop the best headlight renewal system, car detailing services and deliver the best possible result!

Thank you for vising our website.


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